Loan Calculator — What If? App Reviews

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Almost 5 Stars

It needs weekly and byweekly payments in order to become 5 star application.

Needs more work

As previously noted add weekly and bi-weekly payments. MOST importantly needs to save your entries so you can leave and come back to continue without re-entering everything!!!! Add Canadian semi-annual lnterest calculations. Good start to program, keep up the development...

So close!

Hey, just what I was looking for - an app that lets you encompass additional monthly payments. Please add a way to tell how many years / months remain on the loan with selected payment schedule.

Good teaching aid

I use this App to help teach my kids how quickly interest adds up.

I love this app

It has all the normal loan calculator features and it shows how you will benefit by making extra payments. I use this app frequently to motivate myself to pay extra on my debt to save time and money. I highly recommend this app.


Simple and easy to use,just the way I like it. Needs land tax add to options

Useless app

Cannot handle bi-weekly payments. Would like my money back.

Useful App

Its a great tool to have when looking forward with payments and figuring out mortgages with different monthly options.


Nice little tool to calculate loans, payments and terms.


Does everything I want

Waste of .99

I downloaded this app thinking it would actually be useful for working on quotes for customer. I was wrong. There is no spot to figure in taxes. No spot to add down payments or insurance to help accurately figure out true payments. This app is just a simple calculator. Not happy

What if loan

Great app. Very simple to use and generally straightforward. I like using it is the best review I can give

Great little loan app

Works great & easy to use. Has a nice emailing feature

Great app, use it almost every day. Dont know what I would do without it.

Very happy with this app, works as advertised and much more!!

Simple and easy

Super simple and easy to use. Intuitive. The what if makes it easy to see how much faster to pay off your loans.

Great little app

Anyone with a long term loan (car, boat,house, etc) should have this app. Its amazing how a few dollars of extra principal each month can reduce the loan length. This app is simple to use and will show you what you can save on time and interest.


I have used it for many years and its my default calculator for calculating loans and financial amortisation


Virtually useless for anything but the most simple of loan calculations. Quite simply, there are MUCH better and more powerful loan calculators out there, particularly for mortgages.

Great help

This has been a great tool, while shopping for a mortgage and car loan !!

Love it !!

I just love this app. It does everything that I need a financial app to do. I prefer using this as opposed to using mortgage calculators.

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